Felted Fleeces




One-of-a-kind Icelandic sheep fleece, felted into a throw. Perfect for adding hygge to your home.  Our sheep are sheared twice a year and their wool is made into these cozy throws.  Icelandic Sheep are one of the few sheep with a dual coat (a longer wool called  Tog which provides wind, rain and dust protection for the sheep and the shorter, softer wool called Thel which keeps the sheep warm.)  The longer locks of Icelandic Sheep are easily felted onto a backing of wool from the same fleece that has been combed and layered into a thick cushion.

Each fleece comes with a picture of the sheep who grew the wool as well as cleaning instructions to help care for the throw.

Our flock is made up of many different colors and each sheep’s wool is unique so contact us for what color fleeces are available.

2022 Fleeces are sold out!