Buying Freezer Beef from LFF

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We have a small herd of beef cattle that graze on our certified organic pastures during grazing season and eat certified organic hay and baleage through the winter. We sell our beef directly to consumers so take pride in providing the best product our farm can produce. We believe that animals who are well cared for and allowed to finish naturally on high quality forages, without the use of growth hormones, gives our customers a high quality beef.

We sell our grass fed freezer beef by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole each fall and usually in the spring. The beef is brought to Tritown Packing in Brasher Falls, New York where it will be processed according to what cuts you choose. We charge $3.25/pound hanging weight (the weight of the butchered animal as it hangs in the cooler without the head, hide, hooves, and innards) and you will need to pay Tritown their processing fee of .75/pound plus the slaughter fee. Our beef usually dresses out between 450-600 pounds so a quarter beef would be in the range of 112-150 pounds. Depending on the individual animal and the cuts of meat that are chosen, you will receive about 75% of that weight as packaged meat.

A quarter beef takes up roughly the space of the freezer of your kitchen refrigerator. When buying a quarter beef, you will receive a mixture of the front and rear cuts. In addition to the cuts of meat you would like, you can request soup bones and edible organs (heart, liver, tongue).

Here is the custom processing form from Tritown to give you an idea of all the cuts and options available:

If you decide to buy freezer beef from us, this is the process:

  1. Contact us about our next available date. If you haven’t ordered freezer beef from us before, $100 non-refundable deposit per quarter is required that will be deducted from your total bill.
  2. Each beef is required to have the processing forms accompany it at drop off so you will need to submit your form to us a week before the processing date.
  3. Tritown will let us know the hanging weight within a few days so we can send you an invoice that will need to be paid before pick up from Tritown. You can pay with cash, check, Venmo or Paypal.
  4. Beef pickup day is usually on a Wednesday two weeks after drop off but we will give you the exact date when we contact you with the weight of the beef.

To see when our next available appointment is for freezer beef,