Our beef herd grazes on our certified organic pastures throughout spring, summer and fall.  In winter, they eat only certified organic hay/baleage from our fields and get some certified organic corn meal.

We sell beef cuts at our farm store March-October.

Ground Beef $5/pound

TBone Steaks $25/package of 2

Ribeye Steaks $18/package of 2

Briskets 7-10 pounds ($56-$80)

See our page on Buying Freezer Beef from LFF for information on our next fall/spring processing dates.


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We sell grass fed ground beef ($5/pound),  T-Bone Steaks($25 package of 2), Ribeye Steaks($18 package of 2) and Briskets ($56-$80).  The Farm Store is open 8am-6pm from March to MidOctober.

For information about buying 1/4 or 1/2, see our Freezer Beef Page.